Save Grantham's Spire

If you’re reading this, then like me, you probably find it impossible to think of St Wulfram’s church without the top part of its spire.

The spire is a national landmark and a proud symbol for Grantham and its people. It has stood watch over the town for 700 years and previous generations have all had to make sure the church building is handed on in good repair.

Now it is our turn to do the same.

The top 40 feet of the spire has to be rebuilt now to prevent it falling down. We hope the repairs can begin early in 2014 and will be completed that Autumn. But this means that we only have the months between now and then to raise the £600,000 we need.

We may be fortunate with our applications for grants but even so, we will need to raise the balance ourselves. So, this is the start of our journey to secure the spire’s safety. Please help us to do this any way you can, whether by organising your own event, helping with one of ours or by donating: £600,000 is a lot of money but then it is a special spire. The ‘finest steeple in England’ according to acclaimed author and journalist, Simon Jenkins.

It’s my hope that we can ensure that future generations know our Church as it always has been.

For me, that would be beyond value.

Christopher Andrews, Rector

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Save our Spire Lottery

The St Wulfram's Spire Lottery

At the lottery draw in August 2014, the winners were, 1st Andrew Spridgen £175.50,  2nd Michael Davies £122.83, 3rd Fran Rhys £52.65, with the same amount in total £351 going to the St Wulfram's Spire and Church Building Fund. Membership forms for future draws of the Lottery are readily available at St Wulfram's Church or email  Thank you.

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